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M.A.R.I. on Mars

  • Age: from 10 years
  • Playing Time: 5-30 min
  • Players: 1-99

Video review

M.A.R.I. on Mars - Trailer

Year Published: 2023

 MARI fixed her original factory, but it was just a test. Control Center decided she'd passed her exam and was now ready for her first mission — a flight to Mars. Her goal is to collect valuable crystals found only on the red planet. But soon MARI will learn that this task is not the only one she is facing and she is not the first to land on Mars. Who has been here before? And what are their intentions?

“MARI on Mars” is a standalone sequel in the line of solo adventures of a resourceful robot. In this new mission, you will find 40 new unique levels of increasing complexity. Play one command at a time to create a sequence that will help MARI get to the next level. Plan ahead MARI's every step, clear obstacles, master new commands and tasks as you progress. Help MARI complete her mission and successfully return to Earth!

Play additional levels online and learn more about the game: https://mari.redcat.am/ 

Key features:

  •  MARI on Mars is a solo-adventure that couldbe played cooperatively
  • In this second part of MARI adventures, players will meet new tasks on spacecraft and in the deserts of the Red planet as well as there will be new comands to control the robot.
  • The box is compact but the gameplay is really rich - there're 40 levels from the beginner to hard.
  • This is a good option for players of different ages, who want to train their logic and combinatorics.


  • 4 robot tokens, 12 action tiles, 20 double-sided level cards, 4 hints and solutions cards, 2 game rules cards


Series : M.A.R.I.
Author : Johannes Krenner
Illustrator : Dmitry Derzhavin
Box size: 11.6X18.6X3 cm


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