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  • Age: from 10 years
  • Playing Time: 20-20 min
  • Players: 2-2

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Balconia - teaser

Year Published: 2024

Life in an apartment complex can be VERY hectic at times! Every resident has their own preferences: some dabble in gardening and would like nothing more than to be surrounded by flowers, some are obsessed with cats and are always happy to see one on the balcony next to theirs, and some just want to take a nice long nap. How do you keep everyone happy?

Build an apartment complex, block by block, by filling the 5х5 grid. Each turn one of the players will be choosing which two sides of the building block he might get and which two sides will be left to the opponent. However it's the other player who decides where to place the building block. Try your best to fulfill the conditions on the balconies facing you. Who will gain more points at the end of the game?

Balconia is a light tactical game for 2 players with unusual 3D components about creating harmony within the same building.

Key features:

  • 3D components - construct a literal building of the grid and blocks right in the center of your table
  • Humorous illustrations on the blocks sides
  • Lots of interaction due to "I pick you choose" mechanic
  • Strong combo element: the more combos you create, the more points you get
  • Get additional points for completing the goals from the door block


• a 5×5 building grid (apartment complex), 22 building blocks with a balcony on each side, 3 entrance blocks with a door on each side, 22 tokens (with numbers from 1 to 22), 1 dual-layer selection disc, 1 score pad, 2 player aids, game rules


Author : Paul Schulz
Illustrator : Natalya Efremova

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